Having Your Own Rave/Party at Home

With the coronavirus COVID-19 causing lockdowns all over the world, it’s getting more and more likely that the events/raves/parties you have planned are going to be cancelled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue the party at home!! Here are some ideas to keep you dancing even when you’re at home.

And here’s a list of upcoming Livestreams from your favorite DJs, compiled by the EDM Identity community. They will be updating it as more livestreams get announced.



Fog Machines

*Please take precautions as fog machines in small areas can trigger fire alarms, and make sure to have plenty of ventilation.






If you’re going to have a few friends over for your party, then make sure to take safety precautions!!

When you have your home party, make sure to post a pic in our Facebook group, The Gay Rave and Circuit Almanac. #homepa

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