– The Ultimate Rio Circuit Party Travel Package!

If you’re looking to party at Carnival in Brazil this year, then make sure to check out because they’ve put together the ULTIMATE Rio circuit party travel package to make sure you have the BEST time!

Leave it to BrazilCircuit to make all your plans and get all the tickets to the parties and parades. They’ve done all the legwork so you just need to sit back and enjoy yourself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

The BrazilCircuit Ultimate Rio Circuit Party Travel Package includes:

  • Tickets to 5 nights of the best circuit parties in Rio.
  • VIP admission to the world famous Sambadrome parade competition in the exclusive gay section. 
  • 2 of the best Carnival block parties (“blocos”) with Brazil Circuit gay tour ambassadors.
  • 7 nights at a top-rated modern hotel just steps away from the gay beach and neighborhood. 
  • One-day tour of all the key sites in and around Rio. 
  • Exclusive visit to a Top 12 samba school for an insider’s view of the Sambadrome. 
  • Authentic Brazilian BBQ at a top rated churrascaría for you carnivores. 
  • Round trip airport transfers.

Don’t wait to book this awesome package! Use special code “GAYALMANAC” to get $300 off!!! What a great deal! Head to to book!

About BrazilCircuit:

Brazil Circuit is part of GoLatin Travel, a tour operator specializing in Latin America that has been in business for 46 years, with over 30 years of experience in Brazil. In fact, one of GoLatin’s biggest programs for the mainstream tourist is Rio Carnival. Always on the hunt for sexy fun on the side, our team looked every year for the best circuit parties in town, only to find ourselves wading through numerous promoters, clubs, bars, and events, as well as the countless differing opinions on where to go and what to attend.  We discovered that most information online would quickly become outdated, and the most important 411 was only available in Portuguese or by word-of-mouth from local Brazilians.  

After over 10 years of meticulous research and scouting, and falling in love with Rio Carnival year after year, we want you to finally experience this truly magical place for yourself.  Our team speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish (plus a few other languages), and has carefully curated the ultimate Carnival vacation in Rio that blends parties, sightseeing, and immersion in Brazilian culture. While there will always be different strokes for different folks, if you are like us, wanting the true local circuit experience, Brazil Circuit is just for you.

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