Artist of the Week: Yotto

Every week, we’re going to feature an artist and their music on our blog. This will hopefully be a way for our community to enjoy music from different artist who they may have not heard from before. We will try to feature established artists as well as those lesser known.

For our first artist of the week, we are featuring Yotto, a Finnish deep house producer currently signed to Anjunadeep, which is Above & Beyond’s deep house music label. He first released with Anjunadeep in 2015 with his two songs “Memento” and “Azzurro.”

Since then, he has released countless deep house hits and have traveled with Above & Beyond performing in their Anjunadeep days of their milestone shows. We were lucky enough to see him at the ABGT Weekender at the Gorge, where we fell in love with his music!

In 2018, he released his debut album “Hyperfall.” His music has awesome beats that leaves you entranced. Songs like “The One You Left Behind” have low bass combined with catchy melodies that make you feel like you’re dancing in a dark club. And once you hear “Walls” you’ll immediately just want to bounce and dance to his music.

Currently on the tail end of his worldwide tour named after one of his songs in his album “Odd One Out,” Yotto will be in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theater THIS Saturday 12/7. Tickets are still available through AXS. The Gay Almanac will be there for this show – so make sure to look for us! Be sure to head to our Facebook invite and let us know you’re going: The Gays @ Yotto

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