The Gay Rave and Circuit Almanac Reach 5000 Members on Facebook!


It started off as our EDC 2017 totem, and spiraled into something much bigger. We launched the group in 2018 right before Anjunabeach SoCal. We never imagined it could grow so big that quick!

As we continue to grow, we hope that we can reach more of our community, and connect through music, dance, and good ole’ PLUR values! 

Thanks to everyone that’s joined the group, invited friends, attended a meetup, or purchased merchandise! 

We have a few more surprises in store for 2019, and Dreamstate Gays 2019 | Meetups, Themes & Group Photos is just around the corner!

Thank you 🙏 You all are amazing! 

Also, gotta give thanks to the other rave and circuit groups that have been a part of many of our big meetups together 
🌈 Circuit Royals 🏳️‍🌈
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EDC Gaysians
AnjunaFamily Los Angeles

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