This Is It! EDC 2020 Tickets are here!

This is it! EDC 2020 tickets are finally being released to the general public on 9/20 at 9am. This is your chance to pick up tickets at the second lowest price (sorry you already missed the future owl sale 😛

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EDC is one of our biggest meetup events. Working alongside other large Gay EDM Facebook groups, we strive to create an immersive, inviting, and community inspiring weekend for LGBT Fam & Friends. 

Group photo from EDC 2018

Never been to EDC and want to read more to see if it’s for you?  Check out this article by one of our good friends !

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There are a variety of accommodations, including “EDC Gay Camp Takeover”   The group leaders will be staying at Camp this year, and we plan to have some exclusive camp meetups and pool parties.   For more info on Camp EDC and to see if it’s right for you…. Check out our full 2018 review: EVERYTHING you need to know about Camp EDC 2019: Review & Guide

Another group will be putting together some LGBT group hotel options at a discounted rate, we’ll post more info once that becomes available to the public. 

Make sure to follow the “EDC Gay Takeover ”   and “Camp EDC Gay Takeover” Facebook invites to keep In The loop about all the meetups and activities planned this year 

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