Fans at Festivals – Yes or No?

Recently, there has been so much buzz about, and honestly HATE against, fans at raves/festivals. The ban on fan clacking at the upcoming CRSSD festival is fueling it all. Yes, fan clacking can be downright annoying. But if you use the fan correctly and respectfully, then it should still have a place at festivals. Here are a few of my DOs and DON’Ts when bringing a fan to festivals/parties.

1. DO fan other people

The fan’s main purpose is to cool people down. So don’t be greedy and fan other people around you! This is the easiest way to make new friends and to change those haters’ minds about fans. And when you’re making your way through the crowd, you should definitely fan the people around you. It’ll help you get through the crowd easier!

2. DON’T hit people with your fan

Whether you’re clacking or just fanning regularly, be aware of the people around you and don’t hit them with your fan! Bamboo fans can really hurt someone. So don’t bring the fan up too close to anyone’s face. Fan with your arm and hand lower than your chest. You’ll still get good airflow when the fan is down there.

3. DO buy extra fans

It’s only inevitable that you lose your fan. So many things can happen at a festival – you leave it somewhere, someone borrows it and takes it, or it breaks. So have backup fans ready – pack a few in your bags when traveling. I actually have a huge drawer full of fans, one for every occasion! Buy your stash at – and make sure to use coupon code FATBOYDOUG for 10% off your entire order.

Or buy one of our cute Nerdy Panda fans!!

4. DON’T clack at festivals/raves

At raves and EDM festivals – don’t clack your fan. The people at raves are there for the music and the clacking of the fan (even if it’s too the beat) disrupts the music. At circuit parties, it’s more acceptable to clack your fan. In fact, the DJ sometimes has his own fan to clack to the beat. So be respectful when you’re at a rave and just use the fan for cooling yourself and others down.

5. DO watch my video for more about fan etiquette!

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