Gay Cruise FAQs: What You NEED to Know About Atlantis Themed Parties

In this video, Joey (JustJoeyT) and I are running through the most frequently asked questions about the Atlantis themed parties. We talk about the Atlantis party themes, how to dress for Atlantis gay cruise parties (such as the costumes for Atlantis gay cruise and costume ideas for Atlantis gay cruise). Don’t miss these Atlantis cruises FAQs and Atlantis parties FAQs!

What Are the Atlantis Themed Parties?

Basically, they’re giant dance parties with awesome music being played live by an internationally acclaimed DJ. They’re usually outdoors by the pool, but some of them are in larger indoor spaces, depending on the cruise ship. Each party is THEMED to something, so partygoers like to dress up when they go to these parties.

When and Where are these parties?

There are parties EVERY night on the cruise, and sometimes during the day too! The daytime parties, sometimes referred to as T-Dances, will most likely be on the pool deck or in a large outdoor space (again depending on the cruise ship you’re on). It’s fun when it’s outdoors because the vibe is more relaxed and you can mingle/chat with your friends or make new friends!

The nighttime parties are usually in a large indoor space and it’ll have lasers and awesome lighting, which gives it a much different atmosphere than the daytime parties. But the nighttime parties is where you’re going to have the most fun!

What are the Themes and When do you find out?

Themes usually get announced just a few weeks prior to the cruise sailing. And once they get announced it’s a mad dash to get costumes ready for these parties!

But there are several themed parties that you can always count on: The Dog Tag T-Dance, the Disco T-Dance, a Glow Party, and the White Party

The Dog Tag T-Dance is a stoplight party where you get a military dog tag to wear around your neck and you put a colored sticker on the dog tag. A Green sticker means you’re ready to mingle. A Yellow sticker means you should ask first. And Red means you’re not available. And since it’s a dog tag, everyone wears their favorite military attire.

The Disco T-Dance is an amazing themed party because the costumes can get REALLY fun and creative. Lots of sequins and color costumes with giant wigs!

And the iconic White Party is always the last nighttime party of the cruise and it goes all the way until sunrise. Everyone wears their favorite white costume and they stay up to watch the sun come up. So much fun!

Pro-Tip for Costume Organization!

For each themed party, place the costumes you’ve chosen in its own labeled ziplock bag! This is going to help you save space in your luggage and you’ll be ready to party once you get on the ship. Just grab the right ziplock bag and you’re good to go!

Do I have to dress up?

No you don’t have to dress up for any of these parties! Many people do, but if it’s not for you, then you don’t have to! Wear what you’re most comfortable and just have fun!!

To see what else we discuss, watch our video below!

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