Gay Party Advice – Attire 101 w/ JustJoeyT

We are so happy to have JustJoeyT be a part of the Gay Almanac team! Joey is our resident party guru here to give you advice on how to have the best time at parties around the world.

Whether it’s a circuit party, a party on the gay cruises, an EDM concert, or a rave – he’s going to give you the tips and tricks and advice you need in his Gay Party Advice series of videos. Over the years, through trial and error and learning from all the friends he has met from these types of event, he has gathered a lot of great info that he’s going to share with all of us!

In his first video in the series, Joey talks about WHAT TO WEAR! Dressing for one of these parties is different than dressing to go out to the bars in town. So he shows you the basic, foundational items you need to go out to one of these parties.

Tank Tops

Wear tank tops that are cheap, lightweight, and (possibly) disposable. When you get to the party, you’ll most likely take the shirt off due to the amount of heat from all the guys around you. So no need to wear anything fancy and elaborate. Plus, if you happen to lose it, you’re not going to lose sleep over it.


Get shorts that are mid-length or shorter – nothing too long. Color coordinate with your friends and to the theme of the party that you’re going to. Some type of swimwear would work pretty well at parties too due to the material. Gym shorts work very well too because they’re comfy!


The basics are of course your ankle/no-show socks and your crew length socks. But to complete your wardrobe, you should have some knee high socks in different colors as well. It’s a great way to color-coordinate your outfit without spending too much effort.


At parties, your shoes are bound to get scuffed up and dirty, so do not wear “nice” shoes. Don’t get any shoes that has a fabric that will hold stains. Get something that’s pleather or vinyl. And find something that has support and padding in the shoes since you’ll be on your feet dancing for a long time.

Check out everything Joey has to say about Party Attire in his video below! Also check out his YouTube Channel here.

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