The 10 PLUR Commandments

The rave mantra is PLUR, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. I recently found a meme online that went through the 10 PLUR Commandments – and it’s such a perfect way to show you how to apply PLUR whenever you’re at a rave or a festival.

1. Share Your Water

Hydration is KEY at any festival or rave. So be aware of the people around you and offer them so water if they look dehydrated. When I come back from refilling water, I always offer all my friends some water to make sure they’re doing well.

2. Accept and Respect Your Fellow Ravers

We all come from different walks of life. We’re not there to judge. We all have different personalities and love different things. So we should just accept and respect each other for who we are. In addition, just being nice to each other is important. Say please and thank you as you move through the crowd. Say hi to someone you don’t know. This is all part of the R in PLUR.

3. Guide Lost People

Some festivals/raves like EDC Las Vegas can be very big and overwhelming for people, especially if it’s their first time. If you see someone by themselves that look lost or scared, go up to them and see how you can help. Just pointing them in the right direction could really help them out!

4. Trade Kandi

Trading kandi is one of my favorite parts of attending festivals/raves. It’s my chance to meet new people! And we get to trade something that means something to us. Kandi can have messages and charms on them so it can really be something special when you give them away.

5. Console Someone Who Looks Upset

People go to festivals and raves for different reasons. Not everyone is as happy as you think they are. So if you see someone who looks upset, or lost, or unhappy, go up to them and see how you can help. Just a simple conversation can go along way.

6. Stay Safe

Know your limits when you’re at a festival. Know where the medical tents are. Know your exit routes in case of an emergency. Always be prepared for everything. This just helps to calm your nerves and have more fun!

7. Smile!

A huge smile goes a long way!! Don’t let RBF take over!! Sometimes I have to consciously remember to smile. Or other people will ask me “what’s wrong?” So just periodically make sure you’re smiling. Or be the awesome friend and tell your friends when their RBF has kicked it!

8. Turn in Lost Phones

Many times you’re jumping around and having fun and you don’t realize when your phone has popped out of your pocket. If you see a phone on the ground, and it doesn’t belong to anyone around you, then please turn it in!! There’s always a Lost & Found, so bring it there right away.

9. Sing a Song with a Stranger

Another great way to meet new people is just to sing along with a stranger! Clearly if they’re singing along, then they share a common interest. So sing along, dance along. I’ve met so many new people like this!

10. Spread the LOVE!

Spread the message of PLUR and the 10 Commandments to everyone you know! It’s just going to make your experience and everyone’s experience so much better when we can follow these easy commandments!

So tell me – which commandment is your favorite? How do you already apply these 10 PLUR Commandments when you’re at a festival/rave? What else would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. 9 is my favorite! Nothing beats a singalong with a complete stranger especially when you’re both probably won’t pass any singing competition… 😛

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